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Email MarketingIf you are an online shopping retailer, you should know and understand that many of your competitors are now adding a touch of personalization to email messages so that they may enjoy higher conversion rates. If you want to succeed in virtual retail, you, too, should consider tailoring your email messages to both potential customers and existing customers. Email is considered to be one of the most effective tools for retailers. By successfully crafting a campaign, you can stand out among inbox clutter and acquire the attention that your online retail shop needs and deserves. The secret to success when it comes to email campaigns is to make certain that you create content that is considered to be timely and content that is highly valuable. It is also essential that you add a touch of personalization so that you are able to increase your conversion rates on your retail website. In this guide, you will learn how to do just that.

Get Up Close and Personal

In order to be successful in an email marketing campaign for your online business, it is important to get up close and personal to those that will receive your message – much like a sales representative would do to a customer visiting their store. You must use words and phrases that speak to your customers in a personal, yet, customer-focused manner. In the past, Online shopping retailers often created email messages that were tailored for the masses. Essentially, the same message with the same offers and specials were sent to all. At first, this strategy seemed to work; however, as time progressed, potential and current customers of those retailers desired to receive messages that directly addressed them and provided a deep level of engagement. Those retailers in Kuwait that went this route with their email messages found that their emails had higher opens, the customers clicked through the links in the messages more often, and they experienced higher conversion rates. By getting up close and personal with your target audience, your business will also benefit in these ways.

Grab Their Attention

When tailoring email messages for your customers, you must ensure that the message reaches out and grabs their attention. Most retailers simply send a message that includes information on random items that relate to their business. You must avoid this technique. Not only is it used, it is actually overused. You must create a message that has a tone which is highly relevant to the customer that you are sending it to. You must create a connection with the customer that you are attempting to reach. The most effective means of creating this connection is to know and understand not only what your customer wants, but also, what they need. To gather this information, you must collect data about your potential customers and the customers that you currently service. You may do this by determining what types of search inquiries on your retail website, examining profiles on social media platforms, looking up customer reviews, and even researching blogs and articles on the internet. In order to grab their attention, you must connect to them on an emotional and personal level by using the information that you have acquired during your research. You must convince them that what you have to offer in the way of products and/or services is exactly what they need to solve their problems.

Subject Line Considerations

Once you have determined how to appeal to your recipients on a personal level, it is important that you pay special consideration to the subject lines that you utilize in your email marketing campaign. Not only is it important to consider the words that you use in the subject line of an email message about your online shopping  business, it is also important to consider the length of the subject line. When creating an email marketing campaign in Kuwait, it is imperative that you determine what types of devices are being used to access your messages and your customer’s preferences. If personal computers are being used to retrieve emails, a subject line may include numerous words and/or phrases. If a smartphone is being used, a subject line must be six average words or less. Word limitations must be considered when it comes to personalizing retail emails for customers. If a smartphone user receives an email for you that is designed for a computer user and they are unable to read the subject line, they will likely skim past the message and never open it at all.

Utilize Trigger Emails

Trigger emails are those that connect with  shoppers when a certain event – such as a birthday, a recent search, or leaving a shopping cart abandoned – takes place. These emails are very personal and address a specific event that a consumer is familiar with. These forms of contact possess an immediate form of relevancy in a customer’s life, which immediately draws in their attention. Not only are these forms of email timely and relevant, but use specific data associated with your customers to add a touch of personalization to the message. If, as a an online shopping retailer, you elect to use trigger emails, it is important to create ones that are tailored to certain common events. Once you have outlined the events, you should then create a series of email messages that pertain to and follow through on that event. As the emails progress to the customer, you may want to offer a small discount on a purchase and lead into free shipping – but, only at the conclusion of the email series. It is a known fact that most consumers will make a purchase in the beginning of a triggered email series; however, if the individual you are making contact with fails to do so, the hope is, that they will use the discounts and special offers on shipping in order to make at least one purchase by the conclusion of the email series.


Online shopping retailers have several tactics that have been successfully utilized throughout the years in order to increase conversions. According to their successes and their failures, personalized emails seem to rank high as one of the most effective techniques in appealing to both potential customers and current customers. You must not only make an email look and sound good, but, you must ensure that it is tailored to the devices that your consumers are using to retrieve the message, and that it has a high level of relevancy. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you are sure to rank as one of the most successful retailers in the State of Kuwait. You should always monitor the behaviors of your customers and create email content that appeals to them, as individuals. In addition to this, it is imperative to ensure that you always utilize a clear, concise call of action in your email. This should be placed near the top of the message to ensure the highest level of success. Regardless of what products and/or services that you specialize in within Kuwait, you are sure to successfully reach your customers and increase your conversions by using the steps here to personalize your emails.

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